Web application development

Our principals:

ICT Solutions have a history of providing complex web applications on time, on spec and on budget. We pride ourselves on the quality of the work we do. From the start of the project we make sure we have a full understanding of the project and it's context in your business. In addition to the overview we make sure we understand the detail. Our aim is to produce succinct and efficient codes that meets your exact requirement. Keeping bloat to a minimum reduces hosting costs and increases performance. We aim to produce applications that have no bugs at deployment and perform as expected.


We can produce an e-commerce module to fit into your existing business systems, or work with your existing vendors systems. Alternatively we also provide complete end to end e-commerce and web application solutions. Working with our design partners or your design team we can produce a website that not only looks good but is fully functional, intuitive and easy to use.

Payment Service Provider Integration

There are numerous payment service providers out there, some of the big names are PayPal, Sage Pay and World Pay. Given the work and cost of PCI./DSS compliance, more and more companies are now choosing to pass e-commerce traffic out to these providers to capture payments. We can provide seamless integration and systems to track issues, e.g. failed/abandoned payments.

Reporting systems

Whether the requirement is for spreadsheet/PDF reports, or for real-time web based reporting systems, we can help. We can add reports to your existing web and back office systems, with the format and delivery mechanism of your choice.

ETL (export - transform - load)

Many companies as they grow find they acquire multiple software solutions to run different departments/areas in their business. Often business find that staff have to manually collate or even re-key information from one system to another. Possibly the vendors are unable or unwilling to try to integrate with one another, lacking the resource for such projects. We have produced systems that move data around businesses between systems, often in very high volumes and between completely different platforms. This is can be difficult and challenging work, which is why it's something we've chosen to specialise in.

Data Replication

In addition to ETL we design code to work on replicated systems where the database platform replicates between hosts e.g. servers on different sites. These applications must be designed in a way that they are replication safe and efficient. They have to cope with replication outages (at least in theory) and traffic in the replication system should be minimised by making efficient DB writes/updates. The systems we have produced work very well with little or no maintenance/admin. They have provided our customers with the means to operate at separate locations and run web services across multiple data centres.

Specialist tools

We've produced systems that generate PDF documents on the fly e.g. for invoicing, Excel Spreadsheets and other formats. We've produced EDI interfaces based on different technologies, e.g. SOAP, XML and HTTP services

Our Process

First we discuss your requirements and the project. If we can't help, either because of time constraints or available expertise, we will tell you and withdraw. We only commit to work we can deliver!

Once we've established the requirements and specification of the project we will quote a price. Depending on the project this will be either a fixed cost or variable rate. Once we start development we will work with you at each milestone to make sure you're happy with the progress. Either at the designated milestone or at the end of development we'll hand the project over for user acceptance testing. Once signed off it will be deployed in to the live/production environment. If the application has a training requirement, we will work with you to plan and implement the training in the most effective way.


  • Linux
  • Windows
  • MySQL
  • MS SQL
  • Oracle
  • Apache
  • IIS
  • Perl
  • Clarion v6-8
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Java Script
  • C/C#/C++