Managed Hosting

Our Network

Our hosting platform is based in London and Manchester. All our data centre partners have redundant power and backup generators. We have a choice of transit providers, as well as transit services utilising network peering to guarantee access to the internet by routing connections through a number of tier 1, tier 2 and peering providers. This ensures consistent access to the internet backbone at all times as we are not reliant on one particular ISP at any one time.

Managed hosting

Our hosting services start with shared hosting up to your own dedicated platform of servers.

All systems can be fully managed giving you the option of how much or how little you want to do. We can take the headache out of security patching, hardware provision and maintenance.

We offer managed hosting platforms for websites, VOIP, VPN, email and anything else you may require.

Where required we can offer hosting across our network to provide the highest availability and resilience. We implement database replication and content mirroring to manage distribution of your data and content across the platform.


We offer a variety of email services, including IMAP and POP3 mailboxes, outgoing SMTP servers, backup mail-servers - if your own server is offline all your incoming mail is queued on our servers until your server is back online.


We run our own DNS platform with DNS servers in geographically diverse data centres and networks. This gives us reliability and resilience as well as complete control and the ability to offer bespoke services.


All systems are a bespoke, so please get in touch with your requirement and we'll put a quote together for you.